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Authenticity + Content

So last night I was listening to this podcast  talking about blogging, and how to make content that matters. Basically, what he was saying was that a good internet presence in todays society is about giving people content that they actually care about, and at the same time, making it authentic.  I think he's right, but I could see a pattern unfolding.

Have you ever noticed how people on the internet are (generally) alot, well, meaner than they are in real life? Now I'm not just talking about those really annoying people in the forums, or in the eljay communities. But, really, everyone. Haven't you ever said something to someone on msn, or through the internet that was just plain mean? Or gotten into a huge fight on msn? If for no other reason that you could say it without having to look the other person in the eye. 

Since the internet is the perfect place to be someone your not, often what people become are assholes. They can be who they want, and they can say what they want. The anonymity is perfect for this. There are endless ways to connect to people, and it is virtually impossible to track it back to you, if you wish to be truly anonymous. It is as easy as setting up a bogus email account. 

So I guess what I'm saying is this:

increased ego as a result of anonymity, equals the internet being an altogether bitchy place where people can say/do as they please, equals decreased overall authenticity, which in turn equals decreased quality of content!

And that's the problem! I know I'm not the first person to think of this concept, but for the first time I think I really get it. That is why the internet seems to be filled with nothing but junk these days. Where's the content? Hiding amongst the random twitter entries, somewhere I'm sure.

On that note, I decided to reactivate my facebook account. I decided that maybe facebook is useless to me. But at least it represents a more authentic way of connecting (by use of real names, etc) then some of the other sites out there, and in some ways, more then LJ. 

What do you think?

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